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As a truly global investment and wealth management firm, MWM Wealth Management sets itself apart by having the flexibility to meet your unique financial needs throughout your entire financial lifecycle using a consultative approach in offering:

  • Wealth Management
  • Investment advice and Portfolio Management
  • Financial Counselling and Planning
  • Pension Administration


By employing a consultative approach, MWM Wealth Management will guide you to preserve and grow your wealth thus protecting your quality of life and legacy. We understand the value of your hard work, and seek to partner with you in growing and increasing your net-worth and purchasing power through financial and investment advisory services geared at protecting you against devaluation and inflation.

Our Wealth Management Services are broken down into:

  • Financial and Investment Advice:

– Capital Preservation
– Fixed Bond
– Income Generation
– Global Balance
– Global Growth
– Global Aggressive


  • Legal and estate Planning:   At MWM Wealth Management, our clients’ legacy is of utmost importance in wealth preservation and ensuring the right legal structures that will protect the estate and wealth that you have worked for that will be passed on to future generations. Our legal staff stands ready to advise, and draft appropriate and well defined wills and mandates that are best suited to meet your needs.



  • Consultancy through our legal, Corporate and Accounting affiliates: PKF (Accounting and Auditing), Lanx Lancis (Legal), MWM Corporate.

Your Investment Advisor through consultation will assess your risk profile, time horizons, financial objectives, and investment knowledge and create a diversified and suitable portfolio to meet your needs.

All individuals have a multiplicity of goals they would like to achieve, with different time horizons. It is with this in mind that MWM Wealth Management will assist you in making wise financial and investment decisions by building suitable portfolios through diversification according to your goals.

At MWM Wealth Management we seek to ensure our clients benefit from a well-diversified portfolio, which not only maximises return, but also manages portfolio risks. Come in and speak to one of our advisors and gain the requisite consultancy to determine investment suitability to match your investment objectives and financial goals. Our investment options include a wide selection of mutual funds from Merrill Lynch including:

  • Cash Investments: Cash investments are short-term options normally not exceeding one year in maturity. They are ideal for low risk portfolios, short-term financial needs and objectives.
  • Bond/Fixed Income Investments: Bond/Fixed Income Investments are medium term, normally spanning over a year and up to three to five years. Bond/Fixed Income Investments are for moderate or conservative portfolios and are useful in meeting medium-term financial needs.
  • Stocks/Equity Investments: Stock/Equity Investments are long-term investment options. Historically, stocks have performed better over longer terms but also suit investors who are very aggressive and seek high levels of growth within their portfolios.

At MWM Wealth Management, we recognise that knowledge is key in sound decision-making. Many people find themselves in financial hardship due to making uninformed financial decisions. As such, Wealth Management has in place financial counselling services to guide you in:

  • Building Credit
  • Budgeting
  • Choosing a Mortgage or Credit Card and other Credit Facilities
  • Loan Re-financing and restructuring
  • Bankruptcy
  • Unforeseen financial crisis arising from death, divorce, or job loss etc.

Financial counselling, can assist you in making the most prudent financial decisions, and provide knowledge for solid decision making.

As one of the pioneers in Pension Administration in the BVI, MWM Wealth Management continues to provide government approved Pension Plans for Companies and their employees, thus preparing them for a comfortable and well planned retirement.

Our team has a comprehensive grasp of legislation, regulation, and practice, as well as the latest developments in BVI pension law and keeps abreast of the best practice and pension-related changes in the UK and beyond.  This allows us to provide sound advice to employers, trustees, administrators, and other pension professionals on an extensive range of pension issues.

Our focus is on providing unparalleled service, and our range of expertise and technical support ensures that our clients receive honest, sensible, and commercially-focused guidance and advice.


For further information about our services or if you would like one of our professionals to contact you,  please contact us.

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