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  • Have you considered whom you will entrust with the task of representing your company’s interest once it has been incorporated?
  • Who will liaise with the local authorities on your behalf to pay annual fees, file documents with the local Registry etc?
  • Who will you rely on to establish a local bank account or legalize your corporate documents for your financial transactions?
  • What if you had a question on administrative or statutory requirements, who would you contact?


At MWM Corporate Services we provide a wide variety of administrative services that meet your business and corporate governance needs. Our services include but are not limited to the following:


  • Registered agent and office services
  • Authorised respresentative/agent services
  • Bank account opening services
  • Legalization of documents (local and foreign)
  • Preparation of certificates of incumbency and registered agent’s certificates
  • Provision of documents from the Corporate Registry
  • Filing of documents with the Corporate Registry
  • Liquidation services
  • Accounting and bookeeping services


Whether you require a company for trading purposes, asset protection, engaging in financing transactions or simply as a vehicle through which to manage your investments, a BVIBC offers the flexibility you require to achieve your business objectives.  Within the MWM Group, our company formation specialists can assist you with the formation of your company and provide the assistance you need to make your new venture a success. Take advantage of the many distinctive features of a BVIBC designed to accomplish your goals with maximum flexibility and ease.


The BVIBC Advantage

  • No statutory restriction of objects
  • Exempt from provisions of BVI Income Tax Ordinance
  • Minimum of one director and one shareholder required
  • Directors and shareholders can be natural persons or corporate entities and need not necessarily be resident or domiciled in the BVI
  • Provides for the appointment of a reserve director to act in the event of the death of a sole director who is also a sole shareholder
  • No specific capitalisation requirement for non-regulated BVIBCs
  • No public record maintained on identity of directors and shareholders
  • No requirement to hold annual general meetings
  • No requirement to file financial statements for non-regulated BVIBCs


Remember to ask about our other services that support the successful startup and management of your new business:

  • Accounting and Finance Services
  • Business Advisory Services
  • Assurance Services
  • Legal Services

Incorporate Today!


Incorporating your company is as easy as 1-2-3.  Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Request a Company Formation form
  2. Complete Company Formation form
  3. Submit Company Formation form along with supporting documentation

To receive a Company Formation form, please send us an e-mail to

Every business no matter its size, has ongoing administrative tasks which need to be attended to. Where a meeting is held, minutes need to be taken. Where changes in directors and shareholders occur, registers need to be updated.  Moreover, there are increasing regulatory requirements for a company to maintain various types of records and documentation. These are areas where MWM can help. Let the administrators at MWM attend to your administrative needs, while you focus on your business.

Our secretarial services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Preparing notices and agendas, attending and taking minutes of meetings of directors, shareholders and committees
  • Providing boardroom and support facilities for meetings of directors, shareholders and committees
  • Maintenance of company’s statutory books and records
  • Preparation and filing of returns to regulatory authority as required
  • Ensuring compliance with statutory, regulatory and AML requirements

It is no secret that the corporate collapses and financial scandals littered over the past decade have been largely attributed to poor corporate governance practices.  As a result, when it comes to running a successful business, especially in the face of increasing investor and regulatory demands,  good corporate governance is imperative. Hence, it is vital that your company appoint independent directors with the relevant expertise and experience necessary to ensure effective board oversight and implementation of sound corporate governance practices.

The MWM Group offers a wide range of qualified and experienced professionals with various areas of expertise including but not limited to tax advisory, audit, risk management, regulatory compliance and corporate governance.  Whether your company is an international holding company, a fund, a family-owned business, a trading company seeking to ensure that effective management and control is substantially carried out in the BVI or a regulated company where non-executive directors are a statutory requirement, MWM is able to service your firm.

Our directorship services include but are not limited to provision of the following services:

  • Attendance at regular board meetings in person or via teleconference
  • Review and execution of contracts and agreements
  • Review of proposed changes to company structure
  • Review and approval of financial statements
  • Establishment of corporate governance framework
  • Establishment of risk management strategy
  • Advising on BVI statutory requirements

For further information about our services or if you would like one of our professionals to contact you,  please contact us.

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