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MWM advisory services have been designed and developed with entrepreneurial and private client  activities in mind. Whether those activities involve starting a new division, launching a new product line, setting up a new subsidiary overseas, or starting a business for the very first time, our advisory services have been designed to assist you to successfully plan, start and grow your business.

Our services include:

There is an old adage that says;

If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.
Lewis Carroll

MWM business strategy services are designed to assist our clients to clearly define their destination and map out the route to be traveled in reaching it.

Our approach includes helping our clients:

  • Establish a  clear, achievable and compelling vision
  • Develop core values that will guide management and staff towards the achievement of the vision
  • Identify and prioritize strategic objectives that are consistent with the vision of the business
  • Adopt measures and methods for monitoring and evaluating the plan
  • Develop effective strategies for overcoming obstacles to the plan
  • Identify clear steps for achieving the plan
  • Delegate responsibility for achieving goals and allocate resources effectively


  • Road Town Wholesale Limited: The British Virgin Islands (BVI) largest wholesale and retail food chain.
  • The British Virgin Islands Airports Authority: The organization responsible for the management of the British Virgin Islands Airport facilities.
  • The British  Virgin Islands Ports Authority: the body in the British Virgin Islands responsible for the Territory’s sea port facilities.
  • The Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands (MACI): MACI  is a statutory corporation which functions as the maritime administration of the Cayman Islands.
  • The Human Resources Department of the Government of the Virgin Islands: This Department administers the Human Resource and Training Functions of the Government of the BVIs.


Road Town Wholesale Limited
BVI Airports Authority

The Authority witnessed tremendous success from the “Power Your Breakthrough Conference” It taught the employees how to turn goals defined in the vision into reality.
The British Virgin Islands Ports Authority:

Through this retreat, the Team was aided with understanding and identifying the Power in RTW’s vision and also how to achieve success by setting specific goals and outlines for achieving them.
Road Town Wholesale Limited:

At MWM we recognize that no matter how brilliant your strategic plan for your business, without the right people on board it will fail or at best produce mediocre results. Our services are geared to aligning your organization’s human resources with the strategic direction of your business and promoting service leadership at every level of the organization.

Our approach is designed to:

  • Assess the current HR capacity of the organization to achieve its strategic objectives
  • Identify the resource gap and document a plan of action to address it
  • Ensure that the right people with the right skills are in the right place at the right time to achieve the strategic objectives of the organization
  • Ensure that the right team formations are identified and in place to achieve maximum effectiveness
  • Ensure that all levels of staff fully understand the vision and mission of the business and how they contribute to their achievement
  • Help staff identify their leadership abilities and how they can use them towards the achievement of the strategic objectives of the organization

Over the years we have been asked to assist in many assignments that utilize the skills and talents of our team.

These include:

  • Analysis of the Public Private Sector (PPP) proposal for the development of the BVI Ports Authority Cruise Pier Project
  • Undertaking a salary review for the BVI Social Security Board of the British Virgin Islands
  • Conducting a National Tourism Development Strategy
  • Performing an Actuarial study of the Government of the BVI pension scheme


If you have a special need ask us how we can help. We are confident that our local expertise, coupled with the reach of our global affiliates can be of assistance to your business.

For further information about our services or if you would like one of our professionals to contact you,  please contact us.

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