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Through our affiliate PKF our assurance practice works with organisations to improve their corporate reporting and support their compliance with regulatory requirements and contractual agreements. Welcome to PKF International, a global network of legally independent firms bound together by a shared commitment to quality, integrity and the creation of clarity in a complex regulatory environment.

With our connection to PKF international you will have access to a global network that includes offices in 440 cities, and operations in 150 countries across 5 continents with a sterling reputation for providing high quality audit, accounting, tax, and business advisory services for national and multinational organizations.


In today’s complex regulatory environment, coupled with heightened investor expectations, the financial statement audit has never been more important. Through our affiliate PKF (BVI) Limited, we can assist you in meeting your obligations to Financial institutions, investors, board of directors, and regulators by conducting an effective and efficient audit that takes into account the relevant accounting, auditing standards and regulatory requirements.


If this is your situation, We can help!

  • You are a regulated entity and must file audited financial statements
  • You are a multi-national company that requires an audit of your subsidiary
  • You are a statutory government body and require an audit
  • You are a growth company with expanding reporting requirements to banks, investors or regulatory agencies


Our clients have included:

  • Banks
  • Mutual funds
  • Insurance management companies
  • Public Sector companies
  • Trust companies
  • Retail establishments
  • Subsidiaries of multinational companies


Your Challenges

Companies face severe challenges in dealing with the increasing complexity of accounting guidance. The increased complexity, coupled with stricter regulatory scrutiny and enforcement, has led to heightened sensitivity on the accounting practices of companies. Over the years, accounting standards have undergone substantial changes. Complying with changes in accounting standards is much more than a technical accounting issue. The accounting standards may significantly affect any number of a company’s day-to-day operations or even impact the reported profitability of the business itself.

The company’s independent auditors can no longer provide such accounting advisory services without violating the independence rules. Companies will need assistance to supplement their internal resources and provide the depth of experience necessary to address accounting issues as they arise.


How MWM can help

Our accounting advisory services are designed to supplement your company’s accounting function and provide advice to queries related to generally accepted accounting principles in US (US GAAP), International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Our seamless network of resources means that we have people locally and in other territories where you operate, to offer our expertise where you need it and when you need it. We have GAAP practitioners who can speak and communicate in local languages and work with your teams on the ground in addressing and resolving issues as they arise.


Our Experience:

Scotia Bank ( British Virgin Islands )
Our team assisted Scotia Bank British Virgin Islands prepare its financial statements, including ensuring full compliance with applicable International Financial Reporting Standards,  as part of the external audit of the Bank’s financial statements.

For further information about our services or if you would like one of our professionals to contact you,  please contact us.

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