Transformation of our MWM brand

Helping Businesses Succeed

Transformation of our MWM brand

As the Leadership of MWM Global Holdings (MWM) look to the future, one thing is clear – “CHANGE” is coming. While this has always been the case, what is the difference about change this time around is that it has the potential to fundamentally alter the foundation of financial services in the British Virgin Islands, on which our Firm is built.

As a result, the question we now ask ourselves is no longer, “ What can we do to STAND OUT from the rest of the world?” Out of that place of questioning came forth the strong belief that the only way forward lies in changing the way we DO and SEE business so that we can transform the future of our business.

The result has been the transformation of our brand from a collection of different logos, messages, and images, to one cohesive brand united with the vision of becoming, “ A Global Leader in Inspiring and Helping Business Succeed”. We strive to accomplish the vision through the integration of the principles of the Six Pillars of Success into every area of our business as we move forward into unfamiliar territory – doing it “ The MWM Way”.

To reflect this new direction, our branding encompasses the following elements:

The variation in the colors of the MWM Logo reflect a grounding in the services that our firm has traditionally delivered to our clients, while adding the additional ingredient of the principles of the six pillars of success – Giftedness, Vision, Discipline Productivity, Patience, and Integrity. The lightening of the blue as it extends upwards symbolizes our optimism about the future.

The icon itself points the Firm and its services towards the future, unbounded by its past so that it has the freedom to seek out mew opportunities as they arise within the scope of our vision for the future.

The MWM Business Network branding represents the platform where we engage clients, professionals, and business owners in what we believe is a revolution in how to see business so that together we can transform the future of business in the British Virgin Islands and beyond.

In Summary, our new branding embodies a company continually positioning itself to navigate skillfully into an uncertain future, while holding to the strong commitment to deliver the world class services that are essential for business success – and we’re doing it “ The MWM Way”!

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